Ekstruder V10

The most advanced head available for the Gaia Multitool. It allows to make precise prints.

The next generation of the head is currently on sale. The current model introduces a auger speed indicator and a fan. It is possible to replace the auger. All parts in contact with the mass are made of stainless steel.


A head with a minimalist design. The result of its use are raw forms with large dimensions. Allows to achieve the highest working speeds among the heads offered for Gaia Multitool.

The result of its use are raw forms of large dimensions. The head allows to obtain a path even with a width of 15 mm.

For cartridges

It allows working with self-curing, chemically aggressive masses and many others. The material in this head is placed in disposable cartridges. The cartridges have volume of 330ml.  They can be filled with compounds available on the market or author’s own formulas. This allows for experimentation with materials.


The head is designed for use in the laboratory. It allows the use of ordinary syringes. This allows to work comfortably with a small amount of material at the same time quickly changing the samples on which you work.