Gaia Multitool is a line of professional 3d printers for clay. The printer’s design allows printing with acrylic-, silicone- and polyurethane-based masses and even two-component resins based on polyester and epidian.

Gaia Multitool SkribiArt

Gaia Multitool SkribiArt is a line of professional 3D printers for clay and porcelain and synthetic resin masses. It is designed for professional ceramists and all users looking for a reliable device for making finished usable products, as well as for research work. The line of printers was designed and manufactured in Poland. 

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It successfully works with:

  • different types of clay
  • porcelain
  • resins
  • self-hardening compounds
  • silicones
  • user-developed compounds
We are leaders in our field

Gaia Multitool SkribiArt 3d printer

Gaia Multitool SkribiArt has been on the market for more than 10 years. It includes a universal CNC platform and a set of heads that differ in construction and purpose. Depending on what mass you want to work with, you can choose one of them.

The printer has a sophisticated design and is user-friendly. The heads are replaced with a single knob. After connecting the plug, you can immediately start working with the new head. The design of the printer makes it very easy to keep it clean. In the upper part all the controls of its operation and the drive system are located.

The entire printer is made of high-quality aluminum. This ensures high structural rigidity, which translates directly into print quality. All mechanical and electrical components are specialized parts used in professional industrial machines (including HIWIN guideways).Gaia Multitool SkribiArt to trzy linie profesjonalnych drukarek 3d:

  • Gaia Multitool 400 SkribiArt is designed for ceramic artists, research labs, low-volume production.
  • Gaia Multitool Maxx SkribiArt allows for printing large objects with a diameter of 45cm and a height of 105cm.
  • Gaia Multitool INDUSTRY SkribiArt series of custom-built printers tailored to users’ needs. 

In Poland, the printer is delivered and assembled at the site of future work. The price includes training at the workplace. The user receives a ready-to-use printer with properly configured open source software (the printer can work, with commercial programs used by the recipient).

The printer from all three product lines successfully works in Polish and foreign companies and research centers.